Glow & Grow

Glow & Grow

Are you feeling uncomfortable? Do you feel like you're in a dark space? Are you feeling more emotional than usual? I am a cancer woman, so I definitely understand the emotional side! Lol

If you are experiencing any of this, you know what that is called? Growth!


Growth requires patience, willpower, dedication, and confidence even in your uncertain grey areas. It is not an easy task by any means.

Think about it this way when a woman is pregnant once she reaches 41 weeks, her once small frame has grown into a huge belly. She has went through a journey of discomfort to the tenth power. She experiences swollen feet, none stop hunger cravings, unexplainable emotions, and all this is in the name of growth. Although the journey is tough, it is absolutely necessary to get end result of a healthy baby.

Growth itself sounds good but what you don't realize is growth can be scary. Imagine yourself being a sunflower seed. You are placed in a pot surrounded by moist soil but it's completely dark. You receive 1 inch of water per week but you are missing one thing, sunlight. For 32 days this is your life, living in complete darkness. You might feel like you will never see the light. Then on the 33rd day you feel a bit of discomfort, your shell starts to crack and your once comfortable spot is too small for you. You sprout up and there is the sun that's been waiting for you. From there the journey continues until your standing tall and firm dancing with the sun day in and day out. Sometimes growth occurs in the darkest area of our lives.

Growth also sometimes requires you to let things just flow. If you're a person who likes to be in control all the time, it will be extremely difficult to release your death grip and let life flow during your growth season. Allow yourself to venture off from your five year plan for life and just go where God leads you. Remember, don’t be so hard on yourself. You are growing into a space that you have never been before, how on earth do you expect to know uncharted territory. During your journey practice self care it will make those not so bright days a little bit easier.

  1. Go for a walk in the park.

  2. Read a book you have been too busy to get to.

  3. Partake in a yoga class.

  4. Journal your growth journey.

  5. Sip (Wine, tea, coffee,) whatever is your vice.

  6. Disconnect from social media for a few hours.

  7. Go to a flower shop and buy your favorite flowers.

  8. Rest! This one has been hard for me.

  9. Have a pamper day (massage, facial, Brazilian wax).

  10. Talk nicely to yourself! Affirm that you are strong, dope, and you can do it, whatever “IT” may be.

Whatever you do don’t allow your season of growth to dull down your glow. Continue to shine, stand tall and firm, allowing the sun to beam down on you.