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 Enjoy Detroit: The Brand and Movement

            Enjoy Detroit mission is to service, educate, revitalize, and elevate. It is striving to make Detroit a place enjoyable for Everyone!

            A diverse group of women came together to support, encourage, and uplift one another at a monthly forum in Detroit. The weekend of March 24, 2019, Enjoy Detroit a non-profit organization held its monthly women’s-only prayer and conversation event. On the 3rd or 4th Sunday of every month Enjoy Detroit has an event for women only. On the 3rd  or 4th  Saturday of every month a men’s only event is held. The event serves as a common ground for women from all different walks of life to come together and discuss real life issues with prayer at the root of the fellowship.

            Enjoy Detroit’s headquarters is right in the heart of the city at 1938 Franklin St. STE 106. Sunday marked the session’s official start since taking a break in August. This event has been going on for about two years now. Prayer and conversation event was conducted by four young black women by the names of Janelle Cooper, Tiffany Wright, Kristy Stafford, and Bethany Stokes.  This event’s sole purpose is to create a place where women can become spiritually free, says coordinator Tiffany Wright.

            Gospel artist Kirk Franklin played in the background as women in groups of 2 or 4 entered the room.

             Hundreds of photographs from prior events covered the walls. In the center of the room there was small food table set up that looked like Sunday dinner with dessert. About 30 or so women crowded the room forming a circle to encourage face-to-face interactions. During a brief icebreaker it became clear there were all types of women in the room from a therapist, a bioengineer, a poet, and a minister. Coordinator Janelle Cooper then led with prayer to bless the food, “Purify our minds and renew in us a right spirit that we maybe a light for our sister when she is in a dark space.” Certified life coach Ciera Renee opened with a poem she recently wrote about elevating the “black girl.”

After everyone ate, sticky notes and pens were passed out to write down topics for discussion. The top four topics were how to support fellow entrepreneurs in the room, patience with children, overcoming depression and anxiety and walking into marriage while resisting lust. There was a mutual respect for everyone throughout the room when anyone had the floor to speak. Anyone who raised their hand to speak was received the attention from everyone in the room. The discussion about women preserving their bodies was the topic that carried on past the initial end time for the event. Because there was such variety of women in the room everyone gave a different take on the topic but still came to the same conclusion.

             Dr. Tangelia Colston, who is also the co-founder of Secret Boss Chick Society, spoke about how she had her first child at an early age and decided she was not going to carry the title, “baby mother.” She told her story about leaving her now husband, years ago because she set standards for herself as woman that he wasn’t too fond of. She spoke words of encouragement to young and soon-to-be mothers in the room. Colston ended saying, “God had a purpose for my life and in order for me to reach my full potential I had to make changes for myself and not for him.”

            Ending with prayer, coordinator Janelle Cooper said, “This is about women coming together for the glory of God! No slander, No gossip, No judgement, Just uplifting!”

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