TechTown Detroit Boot Camp for Entrepreneurs

 TechTown Detroit Boot Camp for Entrepreneurs

TechTown Detroit is the breeding grounds for new and up coming entrepreneurs. The weekend of February 22, 2019, TechTown held its monthly retail pop up shop. The pop up shop serves as a revolving door for established  business owners to sell their products to the public, and bring in other potential business owners. 

TechTown headquarters is located just north of Wayne State campus, which is one of its three founders. This months features sold vintage clothing, organic bath and body products, hand crafted jewelry and delicious desserts. The pop-up entrepreneurs included Survived apparel, Nkem Secret Garden, Ariya’s apparel, and De Petites Merveilles. 

TechTown’s  signature event “The Shop” includes coaching and mini boot camp workshops. The boot camp workshops are created to push a business from the pop-up stage to a permanent location. The boot camp is a 10 week program that prepares business owners for the opening of a solid building location. Detroit’s first Tequila-Mezcal tasting room, Toma Detroit, is one of the success stories from TechTown’s boot camp.

Each business at the pop-up shop has been up and running for at least five years except Survived Apparel. For the winter months Survived Apparel is serving Detroit custom made track jackets, hoodies, and sweatshirts. After only a year in business the new company plans to utilize TechTown to bring together community and culture. Co-founder of Surived Apparel and Detroit native, Joshua Felix, quotes his business slogan, “ surviving is to exist and continue in spite of danger and adversity.” Growing up in Detroit he has seen his city endure the best and the worst of times. Detroit business is on the rise, that’s why I’m here at Tech Town, he said.