Maybe I Do Like Sports!

Hey there!

Normally I would not attend college or high school basketball game. I am just not the type of girl who would go to a game just because. However after we were given this assignment to attend a college or high school basketball game I was excited to get started. However I didn’t know where to start with finding a game to attend. I looked up Wayne State’s roster for the season and was not able to attend any of the games due to my work schedule. So my next option was using my own sources. I messaged a few friends with kids in high school or worked in the education field. I found a online roster for Country Day high school so I decided to call.

I reached out to the athletics department and was given the head coach Mike Maniel’s direct number. After a brief phone conversation he explained to me that I had complete access to the be anywhere on the floor. He also asked if I would send him a few shots of the players to use for their website. His request added a little pressure but motivated me as well to do my best.

November 17th, Saturday at 8 a.m sharp I was front and center at Country Day high school ready to capture some great photos. Even thought it was scrimmage game I was still able to get some good shots. Scrimmage meaning it was series of informal games. When I first arrived I was a nervous mess. When I pulled into the parking lot it hit me that I may need cash to pay for a ticket to the game, I thought I lost my memory card, and lastly I thought my camera battery was dead. After taking a few deep breaths none of what I was worried about was true.

When I first started shooting I struggled with finding the right lighting because of how dim the gym was. Therefore I know a few of my pictures will have totally different lighting from the next. Because I had total access to the floor I tried to get as close as possible without getting in the way. My favorite spot was behind the scoreboard table because I was able to see everything from both sides of the teams, the crowd reactions, the coaches reaches, and a good close ups to the action. I stayed for about 6 games just to make sure I captured good quality shots and meet the requirements for the assignment. The games were quite short only going up to about 20 points then the next team would warm up and start. Each game I moved to a different area of the gym to make sure I got shots from every angle.

I found this assignment to be a bit more challenging than the others because I had to be on point with my camera settings in order to capture quick moments. I felt like the moment I would blink I missed a good shot. Even though I got some good shots I believe I could have done better. It was also hard to decided which way I should look because there was so much going on at one time. But in the end I got the job done. Not only did this assignment help me believe in my growing camera skills but it also opened up doors for me to take more pictures for the school track team when the season starts. I am beyond excited to take on that task. I never thought that this class would open opportunities to do something that I am finding out I enjoy doing. Before this assignment I was not even sure I really liked sports, maybe I really do !