Feature Hunting

    If someone asked me to describe my second time behind the camera, I would say four things; scary, fun, a learning curve and inspirational.

  Deciding on where I wanted to shoot my enterprise photos was a tough one. Unexpectedly last Thursday afternoon a friend and I were supposed to meet for dinner but she had to take her daughter to gymnastics practice first. A light bulb came on in my head instantly. I thought it would be perfect to take photos at her practice. After talking to one of the coaches I was told I had permission to shoot however I could not go on to the floor. At that moment I wished I had a better lens. However I think I did a okay job at using what I had to get what I needed. Since I didn’t have a great zoom lens, I moved around in the space I had. I was either kneeling down or stretching my arms out with the person in my focal point square. During this assignment I learned how to better adjust my shutter speed because it was constant movement everywhere. I tried really hard to be just as fast with my camera as the girls on the floor doing backward flips, skips, and jumps.

   For my event feature shoot I had to hunt around for events going on last weekend. Eventually I ended up on Facebook searching for an event to attend in my area. Finally I ran across the Harvest Days event at Iron Ridge Marketplace in Ferndale, MI. Originally I was going to have my cousin go with me to keep me company. However at the last minute I decided to try to venture out on my own. So I got up Saturday morning about 10 a.m and proceeded to headed out. When I arrived I must say I was not expecting such a great set up in such a small space. I walked around to check out the scenery first. Finally, I pulled out my camera and got to work.

    At first when I started shooting, my pictures were coming out dark. I thought I had set my settings correct prior to arriving but obliviously I was wrong. So after I adjusted my shutter speed and ISO settings I finally began to get clear shoots. The venue had some amazing view points. One being the donut wall set up which can be seen in one of my photos.  Also the array of beautiful flowers stacked up on top of hay piles.

  I believe I did a lot better with my camera settings on the feature photo assignment. than the enterprise assignment. With the enterprise assignment I felt like I was all over the place with my settings because I was restricted to sitting in the bleachers. The feature photos I was able to play around more with my settings because the event was indoor and out as well. Each time I walked indoors I had to increase my ISO, decrease my shutter speed and my Aperture. Then as I walked outdoors, I decreased my ISO, increased my Aperture and shutter speed. By the end of the event I truly felt like I obtained more knowledge about my camera than before.

   While walking around the event I caught the attention of so many people. Towards the middle of my shoot, a woman walked up to me and asked if I was shooting for personal or paparazzi purposes. I explained to her my purpose in being there was personal as well as school related. She then asked for my Instagram and Blog name. I was hesitant so she said, just say YES! She continued on to say you have to promote yourself if this is something you really want to do for life. Her words inspired me to believe in what I was doing. After I walked away I began seriously trying to capture great photos.  No matter how many times I had to play with my camera to get the settings right, I kept trying. I decided to take my time and walk around again and capture anything I may have missed. During this assignment I learned a lot but there is still a lot more to learn. I’m still not a pro photographer but I believe I’m one step closer than I was when this class first started.

Below are photos from my Enterprise and Feature photo assignment. Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment!