Detroit Brunch Spot: Dime Store

Dime Store is one of Detroit’s signature brunch hot spots

Dime Store is infamous for serving scratch-made breakfast, lunch, brunch and booze.  Dime Store is located not too far from Campus Martius Park at 719 Griswold St. Ste 180. This restaurant is the vision of long-time friends Larry Kahn, Ann-Marie, and Jeff Alexander.  The group of friends opened Dime Store in 2014. They saw a business opportunity in their hometown to satisfy their love for food and offer American style food with a unique twist. Some of the restaurants most popular dishes include: the house sausage omelet, smoked salmon benny and duck rueben sandwich. Dime Store uses Michigan based vendor products and ingredients to execute each and every dish. ‘Serving such delicious entrees there is no wonder why finding a parking spot is such a hassle,” says Ciara Williams a faithful Dime Store customer of metro Detroit.

Dime Store décor is true to its name and small-in-size. The Dime Store logo sign faces the windows and is suspended in the air over the main eating area.  One wall of the restaurant has a large mural of President Franklin D. Roosevelt to represent the actual dime coin. The estimated time for a party of two is about a 30-minute wait. However, once seated the service is promptly. Large windows face Griswold St, letting natural light into the small room. The front entry is shared with the landmark Chrysler House building.  The Office tower is the home to The Chrysler Group, Quicken Loans and several other small businesses. The massive lobby has a two-story atrium area that has 4 couches and 6 small two person tables. The restaurant serves a diverse crowd of people from college students to business men/women.

 A highlight on the booze menu is the peach mimosa pitcher which can serve up to four people. If that doesn’t tickle your taste buds then the Spicy Korean Fries covered in shaved steak, bulgogi, sriracha mayo, and pickled veggies will. Dime Store also serves a chicken pesto sandwich, grilled chicken breast, melted mozzarella, walnut pesto, roasted tomato, balsamic reduction on a multi grain bun. According to waiter, Tyler M. from metro Detroit area, Dime Store’s shining dish is the duck reuben sandwich which is a house-confit duck leg, pickled red cabbage, arugula, fontina, mayo, whole-grain mustard on rye bread. Nothing on the menu is over $20 dollars, the menu is full of unique mouth water dishes that are easily filling for one person. Christina Brown who is a Dime Store regular stated, “It is completely understandable the ½ hour wait without question is well worth it.” When asked to describe the restaurant in one word she stated  “Delicious. Filling. Friendly. Great service… you name it! Very enjoyable experience with wonderful food.”

Dime Store

719 Griswold St. Ste 180

Hours: open everyday 8am-3pm

Contact: (313) 962-9106

Instagram: @eatdimestore

No Reservations