Goals for 2019

A month before the end of the year I made a simple list of the goals I wanted to achieve for 2019.  When I created this list  I was dealing with a very hard decision. Quitting my job of the last 5 years. After a lot of prayer, I took the leap to leave behind a job that made me depressed each and every day. Even though I received conformation from God to move I was still a nervous wreck. I think we all worry about the unknown because it is exactly that the unknown. Moving into new territory is scary! I know I am the type of person who likes to be in control and also have a vision before I make a big decision. However, when it came to this decision I took the pressure off myself and placed in Gods hands.

January 7th I took a leave from Chrysler. I didn’t care about the money I would be missing out on. All I was thinking about was first not waking up at 3:30 am for work and secondly not feeling overwhelmed with pressure everyday. So many told me I was tripping to leave that good money. My response would always be my peace cost too much to stay. I can’t expect people to put on my glasses and see my vision.

It has been at total of 54 days since I left.  I have good days and bad days. But I will say my grades are not suffering anymore! Now that I have time I can study and stay on top of my class assignments.  During these past few weeks I spend more time on Indeed and LinkedIn more than my social media pages. I can’t tell you how many applications I have done or how many rejection emails I received either! Finally this past week I received an email from a company I had originally did a internship application for. However, the company offered me a job! Needless to say I went in and killed the interview. It is not the my dream job but now my foot is in the door to get to my dream.  I am knocking things off my list without even thinking about it.

2019 for Goals

Find a job in the journalism field

Save money ( no matter how small the amount)

Build wine business

Continue blogging but better

Do more photography

Hit the gym hard

Travel out the country again

New Love?

Stay focused in school (almost done)

Read More books

Pray more

Attend church

Take care of mental health

New apartment

Focus on Domonique happiness