Let's Talk Dom

Hey there!

So since I am new to this blogging thing, I am alittle slow when it comes to posting sometimes. Charge it to my head not my heart. But I finally figured out how to post a podcast to my page! YAY me! Back in June for my birthday I flew down to Houston to visit my older brother and sister in law. My brother started his podcast Inaudible Raucous some time ago and trust me it’s dope. Of   course as soon as I told him the dates I wanted to come visit his first words were, “ you’re going to be on my podcast, I record every friday night.” I absolutely hating talking in front of people that I don't know. The worst part about the podcast is it will be played over and over again. I honestly have never heard myself recorded but I have been told I have a soft voice like a child. So I was really trying to think of ways to wiggle my way out of it. So we sat down going over a guideline of topics to discuss.  Surprisingly I found myself having something to say about each and every one. After a few shots my nerves were completely at ease. When finally I opened my mouth to that mic… it just flowed like water.

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