Sweet Nothings

You meet this guy and off rip you just think he is perfect.  Every requirement that you have he meets even exceeds it ! Physically he is  built like a Greek God. Nice muscles, smooth cocoa skin, pearly whites, and yes girl he has good grade of hair! On the intellectual side he is a college graduate. Working at the top level in his field making great money. A night out with him you encounter the best wining and dining of your whole 27 years of existence. After a few dates he keeps up the same energy. Making time for you, buying surprise gifts, and keeping a smile on that face of yours.

This man is a gentleman, a scholar and serious eye candy, so what’s wrong with him? He doesn’t believe in religion? He does not believe in God but a higher power. Could you be with a man who doesn’t have the same religious views as yourself?Would you continue to date him in hopes that he will eventually become a believer? This couldn’t possibly be the man God sent to me? I recently had to ask myself these questions. I am not the most religious individual however my relationship with God is solid. The most solid one I have besides my immediate family. Last year when I joined New Life Church my relationship with him changed drastically. I pray more, I read more, I enjoy going to service more. After talking with a friend of mine who was dealing with the same issue ironically. She told me to first pray then make a list with all the good and all the bad. After about a 10 mins of thinking, my bad list out weighed the good because of the first thing on my list, He doesn’t believe in God. That was my answer right there plain and simple. 

My spiritual life is on a whole new level. I can not and I will not go into a relationship without God involved. Period! How can I be excited about telling you about Gods word or something that happened only because of God. Or better yet how can I allow you to guide this relationship when I don’t know where your guidance is coming from? I would never turn my back on Him for man, no matter how fine, or charming he may be. For myself what started as something so sweet turned into nothing really quick. How would you handle this situation?