Millennium Dating

Millennium Dating

 Okay, so my dating life has two parts. It's either non existent or full of unnecessary drama. It wasn't until the most recent failed attempt that I had an epiphany. My generation has no clue what the word dating means. Now correct me if I am wrong, if a male approaches me to ask for my number I assume that he is interested. Furthermore, I assume that he wants to go out at some point to get a vibe of my personality because the only thing that he likes so far is my exterior.

My latest male encounter left me frustrated and to say the least annoyed. During a casual conversation things took a turn for the worst when the word date came up. I was told that "dating is not how you get to know a person." Mind you this conversation was via text, my fingers could not move fast enough to reply back. My first reply was, Well how do you honestly get to know a person if you don't spend time with them? Secondly, Why even go through the trouble of tracking me down to get my number if  going out was not apart of your plan? I am still hot even typing this right now. Needless to say I cut that situation off!

 It appears that my  generation does not know what dating means, because we live in a day and time where Netflix and chill is a valid date. Or how about when a guy picks you up, to only have you in the car for hours while he is supposedly “making moves “ , but your suppose to be at dinner! This generation is a new species that requires much research. Dating standards are becoming non existent. 

I know I’m not the only one left feeling like I was born into the wrong generation. I have heard too many times that when you least expect Mr. Right will find you. Although, I have been single before I always had someone I was involved with; serious or not. This time I am truly going to enjoy my single life. Meaning I’m not going to date anyone seriously or have a “ Boo”. I’m utilizing this time to set requirements for myself, so I can easily weed out the wolves that come in sheeps clothing. 

So I’m currently keeping busy with building my blog and finishing up my second degree. Who knows maybe Mr. Right will appear at Starbucks while I’m sipping my Salted caramel macchiato, typing away on my laptop. Or maybe when I’m at Wayne State UGL library studying. I am no longer playing mind games with myself, trying to convince myself that I’m not looking but in my mind every guy that comes along, I’m secretly thinking is this the “one”. This time he has to be something extremely great to momentarily pull me away from my current goals. 

Hello, World!