The One That God Will Send

The One That God Will Send

The last time I prayed for a husband I asked for all the wrong things well not all but majority of it was just physical. This time around when I prayed my heart was in a different place and I know what I require of a man. Truthfully I made this post about a year ago. I kept going back and forth adding and deleting stuff. I think I finally have it right, here goes nothing! 

Hey Jesus its ya girl Dom, this is my prayer for my future husband. First and for most he must love God not only love him but know him and have a solid relationship which includes prayer, worship, giving and reading the word. I won't lie I'm not excellent at reading my Bible so I want a partner who is so he can encourage me. I want a open minded, unselfish, confident, strong-minded man. When I say a strong mind I mean he makes a plan or has a dream and follows through with it. I want our bond to start with God because that is a bond that can never be destroyed. I want a provider who can take care of home with or without me. Someone who wants a big family and also family oriented. Someone who puts forth effort to make sure I am happy and secure at all times. A compassionate and compromising man. Someone fun to be around, can make me laugh, protect and most importantly love me the right way. Attractive to me don’t care what others think! Faithful, loyal, manage money well, no kids already please! Someone told me to pray for EXACTLY what I want so I pray he will execute satisfying my mind, body, and soul. 

Even though I wrote this a while ago I came to realize that I was not ready to encounter a man that I was praying for! So before you try to make a list of things of what he should have, or what he should do, make a list for yourself! Over the course of time I have learned so much about myself. If God would have sent what I'm asking for I definitely would have ruined it. Point blank period! So I say thank you God for growth and every encounter. If it was good or bad it still taught me what is acceptable or unacceptable. There is still much room left for growth in me but I have come a longgg way. 

Leave a list of things you learned about yourself 

or things you will or will not accept from a man.