It’s a Lifestyle Not a Diet

As of recently I have become extremely interested in healthy living no scratch that… I am obsessed with health. Not just physical health but healthy hair, nails, skin and mind. Yes a healthy mind too. My health kick started about 6 months ago when I decided I was tired of being chunky Domonique! 

I have always struggled with my weight since puberty. When the big " P " hit me Jesus decided to give me two comfy pillows up top. Yes, I'm a  blessed 34 DD!  I remember everyone around me constantly telling me, Oh Dom you look fine, nothing is wrong with your size. However, sad to say I cannot remember a time that I was every truly happy with my size. After many failed attempts to lost weight, I came across my fitness coach Reva Marie on Facebook, who was a fellow high school classmate as well. Like many at first my only concern was to have a super slim waist and of course a big butt! What woman doesn’t want that right ? Little did I know I was going to have to turn my whole life around.

So like many my problem revolved around eating right. I would workout and then literally go to Steak and Shake for happy hour shakes! Backwards right? My workouts by myself consisted of mostly cardio, the treadmill or the elliptical. It wasn’t until I started my workout with Reva that I understood to get my body to be toned and shapely,adding weights was a must. I gained so much knowledge during my journey with Reva. I have learned how to use portion control,use alternative seasonings and spices, and lastly that healthy eating can be fun. Funny enough I gained a new love for cooking!

In my personal opinion the word Diet has no place with fitness. I know when I heard the word, it made me think of eating the same tasteless bland food over and over. Instead I like to say making healthier food choices. There are so many alternative ways to make chicken. If you don’t believe me, download Pinterest app, it will change your life! Every month I try something different with food, whether it is cutting out meat, or experimenting with vegan food. Since my journey began I have not only lost weight, I have gained strength physical and mentally. Working out has become an outlet for my mind. I use the gym as a outlet to whatever emotions I am feeling. No matter my mood, when I leave the gym I walk out feeling like a new woman.

But let me tell you, by no means do I want to give the impression that I am perfect, because I have my cheat moments. I have a pure weakness and slight obsession with wine and chocolate, but you better believe I work hard for my cheat days. Cheat days are also important when it comes to fitness. Just think about it if you go so long without something to that you really love and you finally get a chance to eat it, what do yo think will happen? You are going to binge eat like never before on that delicious red velvet cake. So, yes I am telling you to have cheat moment every once and while to reward yourself.

What a lot of people don't realize is that working out  is a serious mind exercise. I’ll say it again working out is a serious mind exercise! When I feel like quitting I remind myself where I have come from, where I am at, and where I am striving to be. My mind kicks into overdrive and allows me to complete my workout. My journey is not even close to being over, however I want to remind anyone who thinks it is too hard or impossible, that if you want it, work for it! I know that last set of reps feels like it is going to kill you! Don't get stuck on how you feel in that moment, but think about how good you will feel after that set. I am encouraging you to join me on this journey!


Fitness has forever changed my life. It's til death do us part.