The Sugar Parlor

The Sugar Parlor

Greetings trapstars! I come bearing gifts.

So I only recently started to get brazilian waxes last year 2017. One day while getting my eyebrows threaded, I figure why not just try it out. If you were blessed like myself with lots of hair not only on your head but other places as well you understand the struggles with shaving multiple times a week. Not only is shaving a hassle it also causes dark marks and let's not forget hair bumps.

My first experience was hell, and that is the PG version of how it felt. However the end results made me overlook the pain and I became addicted. A few months back I kept hearing my friends and family rave about sugar wax. I did not pay it much attention because once I found a aesthetician that I was comfortable with I did not want to switch. I mean don't we have enough people looking at our cookies when we go for a annual pap smear. I went to get waxes ever 2 to 4 weeks. Unfortunately, my go to lady was not at the shop on the day of my appointment. I was hesitant but I was already there right.  I walked out of there, no limped out of there. That was my last time going to get a wax.

So Iā€™ve been on the hunt for a new spot. Looking for someone professional, yet friendly, clean, and understands the sensitiveness of the V. I received all of these things plus more at The Sugar Parlor. The owner Minique Rice was truly delightful to be around. The conversation flowed freely like I was talking to one of my best friends. She was not only funny but very knowledgeable about her profession. Minique hand makes her sugar wax with natural ingredients lemon, sugar and water. After about 20-30 minutes, I walked out of The Sugar Parlor feeling like a new woman. Her sugar wax was less messy and painful than regular waxes. I absolutely loved the results! Minique is definitely Detroit's Sugar Mama!



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